EnterMode project Work package by Work package: WP4. Capacity building for teachers and trainers

WP4 was led by the PW, Germany (https://www.pw-projekt.de). Within WP4 three main outputs have been prepared

  • Community of Practice
  • Trainers’ guide
  • Transnational workshop for teachers in HEIs and companies that are interested to apply the internship model.

The trainers’ guide offers practical guidelines and tools to mentors who want to apply the EnterMode model. The guide is addressed to the different actors such as HEI administration officers, HEI academic tutors or company mentors. It can be used as training material for new HEIs teachers and companies’ trainers that will adopt the internship model at a later stage.

The partnership also in the course of the new task included a rich variety of learning materials on “entrepreneurship” in the Community of Practice. The offer for students and teachers in the area of entrepreneurial skills support has been enriched. Moreover, the Trainer guide was expanded with guidelines and examples for virtual internships. The learning event was originally planned to take place as an in-person event at Ioannina University, Greece. However, the training workshop due to the Covid-19 restrictions had to be conducted virtually and realised later than expected (in September – October 2020).