ENTER MODE Virtual internship – a surprising experience!

“Valuable, enjoyable, and very useful” – these are the first words Giulia Sfreddo, from Eurocrea Merchant (IT), partner in EnterMode, uses to describe the virtual internship that took place at the beginning of the year 2021, within the EnterMode project.

A virtual but very strong connection was created between Eurocrea Merchant, an enterprise located in Milan and TUKE, the University of Kosice, Slovakia. Both the organisations cooperated to make the internship happen and work fluently. On Eurocrea Merchant side, the whole team participated to the internship, involving our intern Patricia in different activities. On the intern’ side there was a very wise use of competences and a very good adaptability to this challenging internship.

The experience was a success on both sides. Eurocrea gained awareness about its team cohesion, mentorship and communication skills, while on the University side the student was very happy and satisfied to get her foot in the door of European Projects management, organisational, teamwork and entrepreneurship skills.

Although strongly aware of the importance of personal human contacts and in-presence training and learning, Eurocrea can happily affirm they have made the best out of this experience in such demanding period.