Enter Mode Success Stories

As the EnterMode project is coming to an end, we asked the companies, the universities, and their students to provide information and testimonials from the implementation of the EnterMode internship model.

All five Universities of the consortium submitted success stories in which both students and organizations have reviewed their experience.

From the feedback received, it appears that for all the people who participated the outcome of the experience was positive. All the students said that the months working with the companies under the EnterMode project, helped them developed many entrepreneurial skills, such as planning, management, spotting opportunities etc. Other competences were also pointed out such as working in a group or taking initiative.

Moreover, it is important to note that the benefits from the internships do not only apply to students but to companies as well.

The main difficulty that was reported was the organisation of remote internships because of the pandemic. Some of the participants in the internships mentioned that working or training someone virtually can be delicate as the time management and the exchange between people is different. However, even if the start can seem hard and different for students and mentors, many of them conclude that this was also a good opportunity to learn to work differently.

Hereby are some quotes from the Success Stories, which can be found in the EnterMode mentor’s guide (https://entermode.eu/outputs/):

I have acquired theoretical as well as practical knowledge and used them working on a challenge. During the internship, I developed my creativity and ability to present ideas. The internship gave me confidence and courage.” (Student from TUKE, SK)

The foundation has been enriched with great workforce. With the intern’s help, the formerly neglected communication platforms have been able to be relaunched and expanded with a significant following base.” (SU)

The intern provided fresh perspectives to our organisation. She was given the opportunity to use her knowledge on social media during her internship, often to the direct benefit of the organisation’s social presence. The intern provided an extra set of hands that helped the organization to accomplish goals and finish projects.” (UOI)