Enter.Mode project Sustainability Strategy

The EnterMode partners discussed and agreed on a Sustainability Strategy aimed to ensure the use of the project products and results beyond the project lifetime. The tangible products are as follows:

  1. Internship model
  2. Trainers’ Guide
  3. Serious game
  4. Community of Practice (incorporating learning analytics system)
  5. HEIs-companies’ partnerships
  6. Information package for companies
  7. Website and social media

In general, all EnterMode products contain timeless information. They do not present features and content which will become outdated easily and therefore they will be easily sustained in the coming years thanks to their integration in the partners’ practices. There are not results which need to be updated regularly, which means the information and outputs of this project can be used for a long time. Results have been shared and will continue to be shared widely in other projects, in partners’ networks and through partner activities, even after the end of the funding period. All partners work with the target groups daily and therefore, after the project has been completed, they will continue to use and promote the materials on a regular basis and to incorporate the EnterMode results in their regular activities.

With regards to the intangible results, the sustainability strategy is meant to ensure the continuation of:

  1. The well-established and cohesive consortium – its alignment and good working environment – and the experience shared by the partnership, which we will continue to exploit and benefit from.
  2. New networks and working relationships gained (for all partners) with higher education institutions and companies from the business sectors which we will all continue to work with after the end of the project.
  3. The EnterMode innovative approach to internships to promote and improve the development of entrepreneurial skills and mindset of students.
  4. The new knowledge, working practices and skills gained by the project partners, which they will continue to apply and exploit within new disciplines and sectors, with all those actors wishing to work on in new and related projects.
  5. The experience and learning gained, which will be exploited within other projects and will be incorporated within the services provided by the respective partners.