EnterMode project Work package by Work package: WP8. Evaluation

The WP8 has been led by ASTRA, Slovakia (https://astra-ngo.sk/en/). ASTRA developed the plan and the main evaluation tools (questionnaires, surveys, measuring performance indicators) and provided input to the applicant for the interim and final evaluations. ASTRA coordinated the different evaluation activities of the project, developing the questionnaires, administrating collection of evaluation data and producing the reports. All partners contributed to the evaluation, providing information on their activities. The semester evaluations measured partners’ activities and outputs, involvement of staff in the different activities, involvement of associated partners and stakeholders and impact of the project on staff professional development, partner’s organisations, at local, regional, national and European level. Two reports were produced, interim and final with the results of the evaluation exercises.

Furthermore, ASTRA developed The Methodology for evaluation of internship which was initially planned as internal document but now is available as OER.