EnterMode online full partners meeting in January 2021

Due to the current Covid19-related situation, several meetings have been cancelled, postponed, or held online. The last face-to-face meeting of the EnterMode project was held in November 2019 in Kosice, Slovakia. Since March 2020, the EnterMode project consortium has met online already 5 times – in June, September, October, and November 2020. The latest meeting took place on 15 January 2021. A total of 20 people from the 14 participating institutions took part in it. The meeting focused mostly on pilot experimentations of EnterMode internships at the 5 higher education institutions partners in the project: Pegaso Telematic University Napoli (Italy), Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Germany), Semmelweis University in Budapest (Hungary) and University of Ioannina (Greece).  Altogether 25 students from 5 different countries are expected to complete an international or national internship (mostly virtual) using the EnterMode Model. We look forward to sharing their experiences with you in the next following months.

In times of constant negative communications, we need to keep moving and being productive. Together, we will get through this!