ENTERMODE project meeting in Košice, Slovakia in November 2019

The third project meeting was held in Košice, Slovakia in November 2019 and hosted by the Technical University Košice, Faculty of Economics (SK).

During the meeting the project progress has been discussed and plans for next project period have been set up. The project outputs have been presented and further work on them agreed. The main aim of the project for the second year of implementation is to finalise and test the Integrated model of entrepreneurship skills acquisition that embeds different levels of learning, using online serious game. The emphasis is given also on the development of HEIs–companies partnerships for the promotion of entrepreneurial education of higher education students, during their internships. The work on building the EnterMode Community of Practice, which allows for developing common practice, sharing good practice and socializing newcomers into existing business communities, will continue.

Project partner will meet again in March 2020 in Ioannina, Greece. The University of Ioannina will organise 4 days’ workshop for the capacity building of higher education teaching staff and companies’ trainers, preparing them for the organisation of entrepreneurial learning and for giving support to students in the acquisition of related skills and competences.