How to make Enter.Mode project sustainable?

One way to ensure the continuous use of the project results is maintaining, strengthening, and expanding the collaborations and partnerships between universities and companies, starting from the EnterMode partners themselves. The partnership cooperation will be sustained for at least the next 5 years as Memorandum of Understanding have been signed between several project partners on the further cooperation in internship. The continuation and creation of partnerships between enterprises and HEIs, which will promote the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills by interns, is the best way to ensure the sustainability of the project results. As the companies realise the benefits of the programme, they see the positive aspects of a cooperation with the universities in the preparation and implementation of internships that benefit hem and help the interns to access entrepreneurial competences.

The EnterMode Community of Practice (CoP) will be one of the best channels for ensuring the project sustainability and the further creation of HEIs-companies’ partnerships. After the funding period, the CoP will be the right place to share results and eventually discuss opportunities and weaknesses of the projects’ outputs and suggest minor modifications. All major organisational and technical tasks needed to maintain and promote the CoP beyond the lifetime of the project will be accomplished by the DISCUSS Platform’s founder and manager – PW. The partners commit to continue using the CoP after the project funding period is over, and to promote the CoP among their members and contacts, especially those interested and/or active in entrepreneurship education, university-business collaboration, and internship placements. The already appointed facilitators will work also after the project is finished and will encourage further use of CoP especially during internships.