Enter.Mode project dissemination

Apart from the general promotion of the project activities and outputs, at local and regional level the partners have established links with stakeholders, experts, teachers, trainers, company staff and policy makers, involving them in project activities and building partnerships for the organisation of internships.

At national and European level, the efforts of the partners have been directed to reach a larger number of recipients, such as general audience interested in higher education, internships, entrepreneurial education, the academic community, enterprises, lifelong learning experts, practitioners and other stakeholders.

Here is just a selection from more than 51 project presentations and national and transnational level carried out by the consortium:

  • Presentation at Knowledge Alliances kick-off at EACEA in Brussels, Jan2019
  • Presentation to members and stakeholders of Bavarian Creative Industries, Feb2019
  • Presentation by IDEC during training on “Entrepreneurship and CSR” held in Greece, Apr2019
  • Presentation at the event “Mobilising the Start-up Ecosystem of Epirus” of the “Young Entrepreneurs Start-up School (YESS)” INTERREG GR-IT project, in Greece, Apr2019
  • Presentation during the seminar” I Martedì dei ricercatori-“Ricercatori e progettazione: scambi di esperienze”, May2019
  • Presentation at Gamako2019 (Gamification Conference) held in Hungary, May 2019
  • Presentation in parallel session during 51steucen Conference in Aveiro (PT) to HE professionals and practitioners, June 2019
  • Presentation of the project to young people /entrepreneurs, in Italy by EUROCREA, Jun2019
  • Presentation in conference “Gamification technics to enhance entrepreneurial competences and skills”, organised by IDEC, to a public of adult educators, company representatives, HEI educators, entrepreneurs, Jun2019
  • Presentation during conference “Vocational Education and Enterprises: Forming tomorrow’s employees” in Greece, to SMEs, policy makers, NGOs, academics, HRM, VET providers, Sep2019
  • Presentation of project during info day organised by NA Erasmus+ in Slovakia, Oct2019
  • Project presentation and dissemination during the DLEARN Conference, Oct2019
  • Presentation at the event “Re-growth: Entrepreneurship, -Technology Start-up” held in Greece (audience consisting both of businessmen, entrepreneurs, policy makers and young people), Nov2019
  • Presentation of project by UOI during annual conference organised “DISCUSS LEARNING”. Promotional materials, agenda distributed through the dissemination of the conference, Nov2020
  • Broadcast on EnterMode in radio LUMEN, Nov2020
  • Presentation of project in the framework of the kick-off meeting of the project “Skills Match”, Nov2020 (8 people)
  • Presentation of the EnterMode project in the annual National Conference of EOPPEP, in the sector: Higher Education and Interconnection with the labour market, in Greece, Dec2020
  • Presentation in a virtual event by UOI of the ICON WOM-EN project in the framework of Interreg Greece -Italy program, Jan2021
  • Presentation in HU in an online meet-up organized by ENOLL (European Network of Living Lab) on gamification and serious gaming, Mar2021
  • Presentation at Conference SMART ACADEMY, Hungary, Apr2021
  • Presentation in Conference: Szociális Vezetőképző Tudásközpont negyedik szakmai konferenciája (HU), Jun2021