EnterMode project Work package by Work package: WP5. Development of a serious game

WP5 was led by the CCS Digital Education, Ireland (https://ccseducation.com/). The online serious game was created to be applied during the internship to support the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and mindset. It focuses on six entrepreneurial competencies out of the 15 included in the EntreComp framework: Creativity; Vision; Mobilising resources; Spotting opportunities; Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity, and risk; Working with others. The serious game allows to combine entertainment with knowledge transfer and will support future learners to improve their competences and to understand the notion of entrepreneurship.

It means that the goal of the ENTER.MODE serious game is to help players to develop 6 entrepreneurial competences by completing several tasks (minigames). The players’ main goal is to have a successful job interview with the Τop Manager at the end of the game. This can only be achieved if they complete all the required tasks (minigames) with a high enough total score and collect the badges the game offers -the highest the level of the badge, the better.