EnterMode focus groups on the validation of the Internship Model and Guide for Trainers

Between January and March 2020, EnterMode organised a series of focus groups to validate the Internship model for the acquisition of entrepreneurial mind-set and competences and the Guide for Trainers. The aim of these activities was to gather feedback from experts in internships, entrepreneurship, innovative learning, stakeholders, policy makers, companies’ owners and businessmen.

Each focus group was meant to bring together at least 5 relevant actors willing to share their views and recommendations on the draft Internship Model and the accompanying Trainer Guide, two outputs which are strongly interconnected and complementary. Focus group participants were recruited based on their experience and professional background. Due to Covid19 pandemics, the original methodology had to be adapted so that, whenever a face to face meeting was not possible, it was replaced by an online meeting – or a combination of both. A total of four face to face meetings and 3 online meetings were held. The originally planned number of participants was increased from 30 to 37 persons. The Report from Focus group has provided valuable inputs for further improving both the Internship Model and the Guide for Trainers.