EnterMode project Work package by Work package: WP7. Quality Assurance

The WP7 has been led by TREBAG, Hungary (http://www.trebag.hu/). TREBAG was responsible for the development of the Quality plan and for ensuring the implementation of quality assurance activities, setting KPIs together with TUKE (project coordinator), monitoring processes, measuring performance indicators, conducting interim and final quality audits. The project not only met all the indicators but also exceeded them.

Involvement of HEIs students in the pilot experimentation phase 25 40
Creation of HEIs- company partnerships 40 41
Presentation to persons in the dissemination events 500 2900
unique yearly visitors in the project website 500 13510
Distribution of the information package for SMEs to companies 500 8000
Number of companies that will offer new internship positions 30 40
Members of the Enter.Mode Community of the Practice 200 205
Publication of five articles 18 50