EnterMode project Work package by Work package: WP6. Development of HEIs – company partnerships

WP6 was led by the Technical University of Košice, Slovakia (www.tuke.sk). HEIs – Companies’ partnerships were created with the primary objective to facilitate the organisation of internships for students and application of the model in the long term. The different types of partnerships included: a University and a company in the same country, a University and a company in another country. In the second case, different provisions were made, to care for the specific characteristics of transnational mobilities. The HEIs – companies’ partnerships were underpinned by Memorandums of Understandings that were signed by both parties, before the internships.  Altogether  41 Memorandum of Understandings has been signed till the end of the project.

The creation of the partnerships was an important step before the start of the pilot experimentation phase, nevertheless, it was also a measure for ensuring the sustainability of the project results in the long run. Therefore, apart from the specific partnerships that were created during the process, the methodology to form a partnership and the model of the Memorandum of Understanding are important results that will be exploited further by the Universities to enlarge their networks of collaborative enterprises.