Entermode Internships in Hungary

In the autumn of 2020, three students from the Semmelweis University started their internship programs at companies that have different orientations but, in some form, are closely related to healthcare.

Under the program, two students from the Faculty of Health and Public Administration (health care manager BSc programme) and one student from the Faculty of Medicine began internships in various fields closely related to healthcare. One of the winning applicants participated in the development of a new radiological image analysis tool and its marketing strategy, the other was involved in the development of obstetric and gynaecological patient information materials for a private clinic. The third student joined the areas of communication and fundraising in the nonprofit sector to help children with cancer.

As a result of the COVID virus, interns were able to try out virtual internship opportunities, including online meetings and online teamwork.

The feedback received from the students is clearly positive: they have found the program exciting and useful, and during it, they gained practical knowledge, developed skills, and got a more comprehensive picture of their future professions.

The program ended so successfully that two of the students continued to work for their hosting company even after the internship period.

At the moment all the internship programs are not yet closed, our students are currently participating in virtual internships. We are excited about the final outcome, but it seems the COVID situation could not stop the EnterMode program.