EnterMode online serious game

One of the significant outputs of the EnterMode project is the online serious game which is integrated in the Internship Model and is meant to materialise the training methodology of the project and support the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills during the internships. The English version of the game is ready to be released, while the multilingual edition will soon be available also in Slovak, Hungarian, Dutch, Greek, Italian and German languages.

The goal of the EnterMode serious game is to help players to develop 6 entrepreneurial competences by completing several tasks (so called minigames). The players’ main goal is to have a successful job interview with the Τop Manager by the end of the game. This can only be achieved if they complete all the required tasks (minigames) with a high enough total score and collect the badges the game offers – the highest the level of the badge, the better.

Technically speaking, the EnterMode game is a single-player game played in an office building of 3 floors, where each floor has a different difficulty level (1st floor = basic level, 2 nd floor = advanced level and 3rd floor = final assessment level). The 1st and 2nd floors have 6 rooms each, representing the 6 chosen entrepreneurial competences, so there are 12 “competence rooms” in total. On the 3rd and last floor is the Top Manager’s office, where the job interview (final assessment) will take place.

There are 5 minigames in every “competence room” and when a player finishes all the minigames the room is considered completed and a mentor pops up and gives feedback on the overall result. The mentor guides the player throughout the game, provides personalised recommendations for actions based on learning analytics, and gives players feedback and extra information that can be used later during the interview. The player earns also a badge for each room/competence (s)he completes. The badges represent an acquired competence at a certain level (gold, silver and bronze badge). The higher the level of the badges a player has earned, the higher the chances of succeeding in the job interview. The game includes also a leaderboard, which displays the total scores of the top 10 players who have finished the game and, together with badges, enhances motivation.

When all the “competence rooms” have been completed, the player gets to the Top Manager’s office for the job interview. The interview is an overall assessment of what the players have learned so far, but there are also questions that can be answered only if the players remember what the mentors have said to them. The game finishes when the Top Manager gives the feedback on the overall assessment (if the player gets the job or not).