EnterMode project Work package by Work package: WP9. Dissemination and Exploitation of results

The WP9 has been led by eucen, Belgium (http://www.eucen.eu/). At the beginning of the project a comprehensive dissemination strategy was developed by eucen. This was consulted and agreed upon by all the partners to guide the consortium’s dissemination efforts. The strategy specifies the expected results of dissemination, the target groups to be reached, and the dissemination methods and tools to be used. As a first step, individual dissemination was collected from all the partners and a general dissemination plan was built up by eucen, based on all partners’ inputs. Although dissemination activities carried out during the project could vary with respect to those initially planned, the general plan gave a very clear overview of individual partners’ plans to promote and sustain project outcomes. All partners have contributed proactively to dissemination activities by assigning time and resources to this important role in the project. They committed to ensure that dissemination opportunities were realised at regional, national and international levels from the beginning of the project, adapting the dissemination strategy to their own countries and specific contexts, and disseminating the project despite the difficulties and challenges posed by Covid19.

The main strategic target groups reached by EnterMode:

  • HE institutions and staff from HEIs (including teachers and staff working in liaison offices, career offices, internship departments and international relations offices): more than 10000
  • Companies and staff, including trainers: more than 10000
  • HE students and alumni: more than 5000
  • Policy makers at regional, national and European level: more than 250
  • Media: more than 30
  • European project coordinators and manager: more than 300
  • Other education institutions and educators not HE: more than 2000
  • NGOs: more than 100
  • Other stakeholders: more than 500
  • General audience: more than 10000