The Background Study of the Entermode project is available

The first output of the EnterMode project is a Background Study on entrepreneurial education and internships in Higher Education (HE) in partners’ countries. The background study was elaborated through a combination of desk research, interviews and surveys, carried out in Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia and resulting in the development of five national reports. An executive summary contains key recommendations which will influence the development of an internship model for the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and competences by higher education students.

The study analyses the context in the partners’ countries with regards to the following issues:

  • Entrepreneurial education in HE in partners’ countries for students of non-business studies
  • HE framework for internships in partner countries
  • Views of stakeholders (students, HEI staff and companies) on required characteristics of internship programmes
  • Views of internships stakeholders (HEI staff and companies) on needed entrepreneurial competences
  • Views of internships stakeholders (students, HEI staff and companies) on gamification as a learning tool for entrepreneurial education

The study was co-ordinated by the University of Ioannina (UoI) with the collaboration and participation of the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität (LMU), the Sommelweis University (SOTE), the Università Telematica PEGASO and the Technická Univerzta v Košiciach (TUKE).

The EnterMode Background Study can be downloaded for free at this link.