EnterMode online Full Partners Meeting in June 2020

The EnterMode project continues, despite the measures taken due to the Covid19 situation. The consortium is trying to overcome as much as possible the limitations that have occurred.

In June the project partners held an online meeting in which they agreed on the impossibility, due to the current limitations to mobility and travels, of holding the planned face-to-face transnational workshop, originally scheduled at the University of Ioannina in April 2020. However, since the training of companies’ mentors and of the other internship actors needs to be provided before the pilot internships themselves, the consortium considers the possibility to move the training to the online space. The audience will be made up of teachers and company trainers, especially those interested in piloting the EnterMode Internship Model in summer 2020.

Many questions still remain open, such as whether the project partners will be able to carry out pilot national and transnational internships in the autumn and winter seasons. The consortium is preparing for possible scenarios of pandemic development also by considering virtual internships or a combination of face-to-face and virtual internships, according to what the situation in each country will be.

All in all, the partners are determined to do their best in overcoming the present challenges, using them as opportunities to further enrich the EnterMode project with new, originally unplanned, elements, such as virtual internship formats.