How we will continue with the work carried out by the Enter.Mode project?

The well-established cooperation and good working environment established by the partners during the project is a good premise for future continuing collaboration. The EnterMode partner universities and companies in particular plan to keep the use of the partnerships developed in EnterMode beyond the end of the project. Existing HE-companies’ partnerships will be renewed and sustained, and working relationships gained between higher education institutions and companies will continue after the end of the project. Beyond already existing partnerships, new ones will be formed. The model components will be proposed by EnterMode partner universities to collaborating companies as novel way to implement internship programmes and webinars and meetings will be organised for companies interested in the testing/adoption of the EnterMode model. Of course, during Covid19 pandemic, it was not possible to expand the cooperation as much as planned. Pedagogical actions are very much based on face-to-face relationships. However, we are confident that the progressive return to normality and face-to-face exchanges will also mean an expansion of universities-companies’ partnerships.


In general, all partners plan to continue to use and promote the main project outputs (Internship Model, Trainers’ Guide, Serious Game, Community of Practice, etc.) and to maintain and further develop the activities associated with the outputs are maintained and further developed, e.g.:

  • Activation within the Community of Practice on DISCUSS (participants will continue to share best practices, discuss topics of mutual interest, use and improve their professional practice)
  • HE-companies’ partnerships will be renewed and sustained
  • Partners and new stakeholders will consider the development of new resources
  • Activities/outputs will continue to be disseminated, i.e., the users of the Community of Practice platform will be able to network and discuss issues, beyond the initial consortium and beyond the initial project outputs.